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Do you deliver?   Back to Top

Yes we do. We offer standard delivery rates for most common areas in southern BC. Please visit our Delivery page for more information. If you are outside our standard delivery area please call our office for a quote.

What if my venue is not within your standard delivery areas?   Back to Top

Not a problem. That doesn't mean we can't deliver there is just means that you require a custom quote. Please contact our office for more details. Please have the address and any special details we need to know (Stairs, Ferries, Elevators, Chair Lifts, Etc) available.

What are normal delivery hours?   Back to Top

Normal delivery hours are from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday. Delivery times are based on a 4-hour window. If you require delivery outside these hours addtional charges will apply. Please call our office for more information

What if I need a custom delivery time?   Back to Top

If you need your equipment delivered within a custom time the cost is additional. Normally deliveries take place on a 9:00AM to 5:00PM 4-Hour window. This allows us to keep delivery cost to a minimum and offer extended hours and range of delivery. In order to guarantee a specific delivery time, we often need to send out a dedicated truck for your specific delivery and therefore the charge is double the normal delivery charge.

How does delivery service work?   Back to Top

Our delivery service is door-to-door. Our drivers will unload the equipment to a convenient storage place (Garage, Carport, Hall). All our heavy duty equipment will be setup at the site location (Tents, Staging, Dance Floors, Etc). Extra charges may apply if at the time of pickup, equipment has not been stacked and organized by the renter in the same manner as when the items were delivered.

Does your crew setup the equipment?   Back to Top

Our crew installs and removes all heavy duty equipment and production equipment. These include Tenting, Staging, Dance Floors, Generators, Sound, Lighting & Video.

Does your crew setup and take down tables and chairs?   Back to Top

Not normally. Setup and take down is available at a cost of $2.00/Chair and $5.00/Table for rentals. This service requires pre-booking as our delivery drivers do not have time to setup and take down tables and chairs unless previously arranged. Should our drivers need to stack tables and chairs without prior arrangement, the cost is $3.00/Chair and $10.00/Table.

Can your driver bring the equipment upstairs?   Back to Top

In order to keep our delivery rates competitive our standard delivery rates do not include anything more then door-to-door service. If you need help bringing the equipment upstairs, in your backyard or up an elevator please let our sales staff know and they can arrange for a custom delivery quote based on your exact needs.

Do I need to be present in order to receive a delivery?   Back to Top

You can make arrangements with our office to have our delivery driver leave the equipment somewhere without you being there. You will be responsible to arrange with your venue for equipment storage. You are still responsible for all the equipment from the time it is delivered to the time it is picked up.

Do your drivers count the order on site during the pickup?   Back to Top

Sometimes, depending on the size of your order and their schedule. On small orders the driver will count the equipment and give you a receipt. On large orders the driver will normally count the large items but will leave the small items for the warehouse to count. If anything is missing we will call you.