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When should I book my rental?   Back to Top

Although there is no exact right time to book your rental, as a general rule, the earlier the better. All rentals are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

What is required to book a rental?   Back to Top

We require a 25% booking deposit on Visa, Mastercard or American Express to secure your rental. An additional 25% deposit is required for all booking 30 days prior to delivery.

Does your crew setup and take down tables and chairs?   Back to Top

Not normally. We offer full setup and take down several when you book a full wedding package with us. Setup and take down is available at a cost of $2.00/Chair and $4.00/Table. This service requires pre-booking.

How does pricing work?   Back to Top

Prices are based on a 1 day rental. Delivery is normally the day before your rental and pickup the day after. On larger packages there is flexibility for multi-day rates. Please call the office for details.

If I cancel my rental do I loose my deposit?   Back to Top

If you cancel your rental you will lose any deposit you have paid. In the case of Family emergencies or special circumstances your deposit will be retained for a future booking at the discretion of company management.

What if I don't use the equipment?   Back to Top

Regardless of if the equipment is used or not the rental rate applies. We need to check, service, repack and wash equipment if it leaves the warehouse and therefore all normal rental charges apply.

What happens if something gets broken or damaged?   Back to Top

We do charge a replacement fee for missing, broken or damaged equipment. Please return all broken equipment so it can be accessed by our staff as to repair costs. All missing items will be charged full replacement cost. If you find an item later we will happily refund your credit card. We would rather have the equipment back then charge the customer for it as we normally order inventory in large quantities.

Can I change items on my rental?   Back to Top

All final changes must be made 2 days prior to delivery. All Tenting, Stages, Dance Floors and Production Equipment changes may result in additional charges. Small changes such as # of Chairs and Tables are processed on a first come first serve basis. All efforts will be made to accommodate all changes but we cannot guarantee product availability.

Should we wash dishware or linens before we return them?   Back to Top

Dishes, Flatware and Glassware do not require washing. Simply remove excess food, rinse and replace the equipment in the containers you received them in.