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SL320 Mobile Stage

The StageLine SL320 is a fully mobile stage platform with a load-bearing roof. We can setup the stage anywhere that's accessible by tractor trailer, this includes most parks and fields. Our technicians will drive it in, set it up, and take it away. The SL320 is suitable for larger festival aswell as community events in need of larger capacity and deck space.

The StageLine can be set up empty, or loaded with speakers, lighting and video equipment. We can provide a full Production package including the Martin Audio W8LM Line Array complete with Yamaha Digital Consoles, Moving Lights, LED Lights, Stage Wash and Special Effects all in as little as 3 hours.

The SL320 has a standard size of 40' Wide by 40' Deep. There is many configurations available including the extended size of 40' Wide x 40' Deep with two 16' x 12' extension decks on either side.

The stage comes with skirting, an optional vinyl wind wall, aluminum railings and 2 sets of stairs. There is rigging included for banners and signage above the stage and vertically down the sides.

(Standard Configuration)

Deck Height: 3'-6" to 6'-0"
Stage Size: 39'-2" Deep x 40'-0" Wide
Roof Size: 42'-4" Deep x 42'-2" Wide
Stage to Roof Clearance: 26'-1" to 22'-9"
Lifting Capacity: N/A
Maximum Rigging Capacity: 26,000lbs