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How many sizes of tents do you rent?   Back to Top

We rent tents ranging from 10' x 10' to 40' x 200'. We rent 3 styles of tents and therefore have the ability to make almost any size you desire. Please speak to a representative for more details.

What are normal installation hours?   Back to Top

Normal installation & delivery hours are from 7:00AM to 7:00PM 7-Days per Week. We offer 24-hour delivery at no additional charge on weekends. If you require delivery outside these hours please contact our office.

How are tents secured?   Back to Top

All tents need to be secured. Tent rentals include standard staking on Grass, Gravel or Dirt. The customer must insure that the ground where the tent is to be installed is clear of any underground services. These include: Natural Gas, Sprinklers, Power and Water Mains. Our crew will attempt to locate any utilities when possible but ultimately the responsibly rests with the customer to insure that ground is clear. We offer additional options for securing tents. Please speak to your representative for additional costs.

Why do I need so many weights for my tent?   Back to Top

Many tent rental companies believe in a minimum is best approach to weighting your tent. Weather in BC can be unpredictable so we always secure tents for the worst case scenario. Manufacturer recommendations for marquees tents is a minimum of 250lbs per leg. We do use sandbags (25lbs per) for smaller tents which are up for short periods of time but anything staying up overnight needs a minimum of 250lbs per Leg. When using sandbags, 4 sandbags per leg is the absolute minimum. Anytime you see a tent setup with only a single sandbag for weight per leg, keep in mind that tent is held down to withstand roughly 10 to 15 km per hour of wind. To ensure tents can handle the 30 to 50 km per hour winds we see in BC regularly, all our tents are secured with 250lbs to 2,200lbs per leg depending on size and configuration. Feel free to ask your sales rep for a copy of the wind report for the size of tent you are renting.

What if the tent is on Concrete or Asphalt?   Back to Top

All tents need to be secured. Tent rentals include standard staking on Grass. If your tent needs to be on Concrete or Asphalt we offer a variety of solutions include: Sandbags, Water Barrels, Concrete Blocks, Drilling & Patching Asphalt. Please speak to your representative for additional costs.

How big of a tent do I need for my wedding?   Back to Top

Depending on how you plan on seating your guests and what other things you plan on having inside the tent we can determine how much space you need. Please call our office to speak with someone. As a general rule of thumb you should expect between 10 and 15 square feet per Guest.

What if I decide I don't need my walls the day of the install?   Back to Top

If you decide you don't need the walls the day of the installation you need to let our staff know before they unpack them. If our crew unpacks the walls, we need to clean them and regular rental rates apply. If they don't use the walls you will received a 50% credit for all unused walls on your final invoice.

What options is there for heating my tent?   Back to Top

We offer a variety of heating options. For open tents (without walls) we offer Patio Heaters and Electric Infrared Heaters. For tent with Walls we offer force air heaters. Please speak to your representative for more details about the best option for your event.

Can someone come and help me measure my yard?   Back to Top

We offer measurement and site meetings upon request. Please give our office a call to arrange for a site meeting.