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Italian Days

Wild Coast Productions & Event Rentals - Event Production division was selected to provide a full service production for the Italian Day Festival 2013. Italian Days is a 16 block festival stretching along Commercial Drive, with 3 entertainment areas including a Main Stage, a 2nd Stage and a Cooking Demo Stage. Wild Coast provided all the equipment needed for the festival, including; 2 x SL100 Mobile Stages complete with state of the art Martin Audio Sound Systems, a cooking demo stage complete with propane powered stove, fridge and hot running water, all the rental needs for all vendors as well as fencing and tents along the entire street. Wild Coast had over 30 crew members to put this massive production together. Equipment was delivered using 8 trucks and setup took place all in less than 6 hours. Streets closed at 6AM and everything had to be ready for a 12PM start. The event ran from 12PM to 8PM with the Streets scheduled to open again at 10PM. Thanks to the entire crew, vendors and organizer for making this event happen.

Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

Main Stage:
1 x StageLine SL100
1 x Custom "T" Runway

6 x Martin Audio W8LM Mini Line Array
2 x Martin Audio W8LMD Mini Line Array
6 x Martin Audio WSX Subwoofer
6 x Martin Audio LE400C Monitor Wedge

-Motion Computing LE1400 Tablet
-Xilica XP-4080 System Processors
-Lab Gruppen Amplifiers for FOH
-QSC Amplifiers for Monitors
-Theatrixx Power Distros

-Midas Verona FOH Console
-Yamaha LS9-32 Monitor Console
-iPad Remote Control
-Full Microphone Kit
-Sennheiser EW300 Wireless Kit

-24' of White Drape for Fashion Show
-Tie-In to Restaurant for Power

2nd Stage:
1 x StageLine SL100

4 x Martin Audio W8C Trapezoid
4 x Martin Audio WSX Subwoofer
6 x Yorkville NX520P Monitor Wedge

-Motion Computing LE1400 Tablet
-Xilica XP-4080 System Processors
-Lab Gruppen Amplifiers for FOH
-Theatrixx Power Distros

-Midas Venice FOH/Monitor Console
-Full Microphone Kit
-Shure ULX Wireless

1 x 5500-Watt Generator

Cooking Stage:
4 x Yorkville NX520P Powered Speakers
1 x Soundcraft EPM8 Mixer
1 x Shure ULX Wireless Headset

1 x 16' x 20' Stage
1 x 15' x 20' Marquee Tent
1 x Portable Sink
1 x On-Demand Propane Hot Water Heater
1 x 6-Burner Propane Stove
1 x Commercial Fridge
1 x 3500-Watt Generator

Site Equipment:
18 x Marquee Tents
20 x Marquee Walls
72 x 500lb Concrete Blocks
6 x Pop-Up Tents
80 x 6' & 8' Tables
150 x Folding Chairs
600 Feet of Portable Fence